AESCULAP Minimally Invasive Surgery

Ligation Clip Solution

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Challenger Ti-P / Ti

Challenger Ti-P / Ti is a modular hybrid system - a combination of reusable multi-fire clip applier and M/L or S/M single use clip cartridge. Inner clip profile diamond-shaped.

DS Appendectomy-Clips

AESCULAP® DS Appendectomy-Clip is an innovative and unique system which provides a reliable, convenient and cost effective alternative solution for appendectomy

DS Titanium Ligation-Clips

AESCULAP® DS Titanium ligation-clips stabilize the clip against axial dislodgement due to two parallel arranged clip bars with a gap between which compresses the tissue.

Titanium Ligation-Clips

Aesculap® Titanium Ligation-Clips with diamond-shaped inner clip profile provides an enlarged contact surface and allow reliable vessel occlusion.