AESCULAP Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery

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Caiman® Seal&Cut

Caiman vessel sealers combine advanced bipolar energy with a Maryland jaw design and jaw articulation. This ensures confident vessel sealing and fine dissection as well as motion freedom within challenging anatomy.


Aesculap has been actively involved in the development of laparoscopic techniques in the instruments sector and offers monopolar and bipolar as well as reusable and disposable instruments.


The wide Aesculap trocar portfolio with reusable, hybrid and disposable trocars
that meet the needs of surgeons in all areas of laparoscopic surgery.

Special Instruments

Special Aesculap endoscopic instruments as a part of our portfolio include bulldog clips, internal organ retractor and facial suture instruments.


Our Flow50 highflow insufflator offers an active smoke evacuation.
A current COVID-19 statement regarding the filter efficiency is available.

Suction Irrigation

Four specialties covered by one device: laparoscopy, arthroscopy, hysteroscopy and/or urology. Individual irrigation and suction performance.


Nelson embodies the new generation of B. Braun Aesculap electrosurgery generators
in the ""premium class"" and unites latest innovations and a high handling comfort.


The Endorack offers a variable storage of laparoscopic instruments during their sterilisation, storage and transport.

Equipment Carts

Equipment carts are available in narrow and wide versions. With a modular design it provides solution for individual clinical requirements.